Natural Aromas Exciting New Range of Herbal Teas

Natural Aromas Exciting New Range of Herbal Teas

We’ve got such exciting news to share with you today! Our shop has just been fully stocked with an amazing new selection of delicious herbal tea blends and herbal tea for sale online. It’s only fitting that today’s blog talks about the different varieties of tea we currently have in stock, and what each of their herbal benefits and properties are. We’ve got organic teas that suit an array of uses including natural weight loss detox tea, tea for heartburn relief and tea that promotes rest and relaxation.

So, put the kettle on and settle in for the next few minutes as we learn about the amazing health benefits of our gorgeous Naturals Aromas herbal teas and tea blends for sale online in Queensland.

Slim Tea Blend (14 day pack)

This organic detox herbal tea for sale through our online store is the perfect boost to accompany you on your natural weight loss journey.

With a green tea base and ingredients such as yerba mate leaf, hibiscus flowers, burdock root, garcinia cambogia (a known weight loss stimulant) and acai berry, this tea is packed full of natural herbs that support weight loss, detox and a healthy metabolism.

Purchase it in store today along with one of our super cute strawberry and leaf silicone infusers to make the process of herbal tea weight loss and detox fun!

Organic Peppermint Leaf Tea

If you enjoy a tea with a gorgeous, fresh, minty aroma, this is the perfect herbal tea for you!

Peppermint tea has been known to improve sleep, digestion and relieve sinus pressure through inhalation. It’s also great to have around throughout the day to brew after meals as it will leave your breath smelling minty fresh, without having to have the toothbrush and toothpaste on hand.

You can find this herbal tea for sale online, along with our handy glass tea filter bottle that allows you to carry your tea everywhere with you! The infuser bottle even comes with an insulated bag to help keep your tea warm while you’re out and about.

Women’s Cycle Tea Blend

This natural tea blend is one of my personal favourites from this collection. It’s delicious, but it also provides a super amount of support throughout that time of the month.

I’ve found that this is one of the best herbal teas to help with premenstrual cramps and PMS. It has also been known to reduce postpartum and perimenopausal symptoms. I’m a big supporter of helping women through tough times and this tea is a woman’s best friend!

Red raspberry leaf and organic cinnamon bark are just two of the aromatic ingredients that lend themselves to the beautiful scent and taste of this tea.

You can find out more about the natural ingredients and purchase your own stash via our online store. Why not pair it with our love heart heat-resistant double wall glass mug to help spread the good feelings around when you need them most.

Heartburn Tea Blend

If you find yourself suffering from heartburn or indigestion after certain meals, this herbal tea will change your life!

The formulated organic ingredients including marshmallow balm and chamomile flowers have all been found to assist in reducing that horrible burn in your chest before it hits, if you brew and drink a cup of this heartburn tea remedy straight after your meal.

Buy this minty flavoured cup of goodness via our online store. You might want to pick up a pack of our 100pcs natural brown tea bags while you’re there. As it’s a loose-leaf tea, you’ll need something to brew it in.

Mother’s Milk Support Tea

The last of our herbal tea for sale online is our amazing mother’s milk support tea. As the name suggests, this herbal tea has been known to help mothers increase lactation and produce higher quantities of breast milk. How incredible is that?!

With mandarin peel and aniseed included in the ingredients, the aroma of this herbal tea blend is to die for. Super relaxing, it is the perfect accompaniment to a 10-minute sit down while baby is sleeping. Once they wake up, and are ready to feed, your milk stores will have been stimulated and replenished to nourish your little one.

Do you know a new mum who could use a cup of this wonderful mother’s milk support tea? Buy them a bag via our online herbal tea shop, along with one of our cute little stainless steel tea infuser shapes as a congratulations gift, or simply to show them that you’re thinking of them.

So, what do you think? Would any of these delicious herbal teas be helpful to you or someone you know? I’ll definitely be stocking up because I can think of so many ways that this entire range can help my family and friends.

Keep safe and well!

Kareena x

Choose Natural Aromas when you buy your herbal tea for sale online! 

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