Good Morning Gorgeous Room Spray – Natural Aromas

Good Morning Gorgeous Room Spray

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Good Morning Gorgeous Room Spray is carefully created to fill your morning with positive intentions, self-love and ultimate happiness. The wonderful aromas of Orange for a fresh, clean start to the day, Chamomile to brighten up the morning making you feel driven and inspired and Ylang Ylang to alleviate any anxieties making you feel calm.  

Shake lightly before use. Hold bottle upright and spray into the centre of the room.

Orange, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Distilled Water, Alcohol Denat (Ethanol Denatured) 75% v/v .

Available Sizes:
30ml | 1.01 fl.oz
100ml | 3.38 fl.oz

Spray away from face and eyes. Do not spray directly onto naked flames or any heat source. Do not spray directly onto textiles or furnishings. Keep away from children and pets. External use only. Patch test before direct use on fabric. Store below 30°C.

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