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Essential Oils, Affirmations & Emotional Healing

Essential Oils, Affirmations & Emotional Healing

While Essential Oils are known for their healing properties with physical aches and pains like cold and flu, headache and more, they are also an amazing way to promote emotional healing and mental wellbeing. When we associate our oils with an attitude or mindset, each breath in becomes a positive reinforcement that we're ready to reach our goals every single day.

What are affirmations?

Essentially, an affirmation is a short, powerful statement. This statement (or mantra) can be whatever you want it to be. Whatever statement you choose, should be related to an area of your life that you wish to improve or maintain.

For example, "I am loved." This is a simple, yet highly effective affirmation for those of us who may be struggling to overcome feelings of low self-confidence or betrayal from a past relationship.

Here are few more affirmation ideas for emotional healing...

"I am worthy of love and connection."

"My past does not define who I am today."

"No roadblock can hold me back."

essential oils and affirmations

Why use Essential Oils with affirmations?

Linking an Essential Oil with specific affirmations is a great idea. Essential Oils not only promote physical health and wellbeing, but they also work wonders on emotional health and wellbeing.

For example, Clary Sage Essential Oil is known as the oil of clarity and vision. When paired with a relevant affirmation, breathing in the beautiful aroma will remind you to focus and see past the untruths and unimportant things in your life.

Here are a few other oils and their healing abilities...

Bergamot: The Oil of Self-Acceptance

Pair with this affirmation: "I love myself unconditionally."

Eucalyptus: The Oil of Wellness

Pair with this affirmation: "My body is healthy and heals itself quickly."

Cedarwood: The Oil of Community

Pair with this affirmation: "I surround myself with wonderful people who support and love me."

How to use Essential Oils with affirmations?

It's simple...

Just choose an aspect of your life that you'd like to show some love to. Work out a short, powerful affirmation that positively relates to it. Choose an Essential Oil or an Essential Oil Blend to go with your affirmation.

Say your affirmation out loud as the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning. Diffuse your Essential Oil or apply your Blend at the same time. This way, whenever you smell that particular scent, your mind will be drawn to your affirmations. Utilise this power throughout your day to keep yourself motivated and on track.

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As always, keep safe and well.

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