About Natural Aromas

About Natural Aromas

Hi there!


Firstly, welcome to Natural Aromas! 

Natural Aromas was born amidst the panic and stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. An unlikely tale, I know, but while most businesses were struggling, I decided that it was the perfect time to open shop and help others regain their mental health, clarity and well-being.

Upon witnessing the stress, the pressure and the overall anxiety COVID-19 has wreaked upon our country and the lives of Australians, and people all around the world, I figured that now more than ever, people would need a helping hand.

Based in Brisbane, QLD, Natural Aromas focuses on self-care and holistic healing which is so, very important, physically, mentally and economically.

My name is Kareena, I am an Aromatherapist, a busy mum of two and the Founder of Natural Aromas. I know just how challenging some days can be. We ALL deserve some down time and peace of mind in feeling that we're in control of our own journey. We simply want to be ok.

I've done my best to select products that are essential to holistic physical healing, combating emotional distress and promoting the, at times, long lost feeling of being ok.

Natural Aromas is an amazing resource and a one-stop-shop for those wanting to buy natural health products online.

Natural Aromas has recently uncovered the wonders of health benefits using essential oils to unleash all stress, anxiety and to rejuvenate the Mind, Body & Soul. Stay tuned for more news as they arrive in store!

In the meantime if you are a lover of natural aromas, we are here to equip you with the essentials including Adult Roller Blends, Kids Roller Blends, Baby Roller Blends, Room Sprays, Pure Essential Oil Blends, Pure Essential Oils and Carrier Oils.

Despite the pressure of health concerns hiding around every corner, I always feel my best mental self with a lovely aromatic air humidifier and a few drops of my favourite essential oil blend.

If you happen to have any questions at all about the site, our products or how to cope holistically with current circumstances, please contact us. We are here to help! :)  

Keep safe and well, naturally.

Kareena xoxo


How to get in touch:

Email: info@naturalaromas.com.au

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