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Welcome to Natural Aromas, where I offer holistic healing through the powerful combination of Reiki, sound healing, and essential oils. I believe that everyone has the ability to heal themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually, and I am here to support you on your healing journey.

My practice is rooted in the ancient wisdom of Reiki and sound healing, which work in harmony with the pure essence of natural aromas to provide a truly transformative experience.

My offerings include:


Energy Healing

Sound Healing (Private & Group Sessions)

Home/Space Cleansing

Essential Oil Rollers for:

Adults | Kids | Babies

Chakra Roller Blends

Pure Essential Oil Blends

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The baby roller blends are fabulous for little ones! We use baby calm and baby teething daily, morning and night. They help especially with teething so much. Easy and safe to use and to apply. I highly recommend these products.

Ash xx

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Natural Aromas has such high-quality products at great prices. Kareena is a wonderful person and always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!! 🥰


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I couldn't believe the overwhelming calmness that i felt with the Anxiety Blend. These products are extremely high quality and i also believe they are very affordable for the incredible results I have experienced with them personally.


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Really great product, I have tried the baby teething works so well for my little one. thank you very much and awesome customer service. Will definitely be trying more of these products.


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I love every product I’ve purchased from Natural Aromas! Amazing quality, amazing aromas and amazing customer service. I will definitely be placing more orders.