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I had been suffering from really bad indigestion and since drinking Natural Aromas Peppermint Herbal Tea I have found it has really eased the cramps and bloating and makes me feel really fresh and full of energy. Highly Recommend. 

Suzie xx

Delicious peppermint tea! Love!


My 1yr old daughter had been suffering restless nights and we had just been finding it super hard to get her to sleep - Can't recommend the sleepy baby roller blend enough - She is sleeping so much better after we apply it on her before bedtime! Thank you Natural Aromas xx

Viv xoxo

Natural Aromas has such high-quality products at great prices. Kareena is a wonderful person and always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!! 🥰


Coming from someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression for many years I couldn't believe the overwhelming calmness that i felt with the Anxiety Blend especially with battling such a high demanding job. I am also super impressed with how strong my natural nails have become from using the nail strengthening blend. These products are extremely high quality and i also believe they are very affordable for the incredible results I have experienced with them personally.

Highly recommend Natural Aromas!

- Karen