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Sweeten Up Your Surroundings with Bubblegum Pure Essential Oil Blend

Do you often find yourself walking through your home or workplace and feel as if it’s missing a little something? A sweet scent that would be delightful for everyone, and will instantly put anyone in a brighter mood once they smell it? The Bubblegum Pure Blend is the key to solving your missing scent dilemma!

What are the main scents that make up the Bubblegum Pure Blend?

The delightful essences of Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Chamomile have been blended together to create this sugary scent, and come along with some great benefits to boot.

Ylang Ylang

The Ylang Ylang flower is a proven mood booster, can also decrease feelings of depression and even reduce anxiety levels. Not only that, Ylang Ylang comes with a beautifully sweet, floral scent that is just to die for.


Chamomile is another ingredient in this Bubblegum Pure Blend potion. Chamomile Essential Oil is proven to help relieve stress and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help to alleviate insomnia when diffused and heal skin and soothe eczema when applied topically with a carrier oil.


Orange oil is a known immune booster, contributes to improving mood and reducing stress. It has a lovely, sweet aroma and provides a calming effect when diffused – it even works on cranky kids!

How can I use the Bubblegum Pure Blend?


Bubblegum Pure Blend can be used in a diffuser, with 6-8 drops placed in an oil burner or diffuser with water.

It can also be used topically on your skin, at a 2.5% dilution in a carrier oil for adults and 1% dilution in a carrier oil for children over 2 years of age.

Trust us when we say this…you need the Bubblegum Pure Blend in your life! You’ll be wowed by how much life and vibrancy it brings to your home or workplace with its sweet uplifting scent.

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