60mins Reiki Treatments – Natural Aromas

All treatments include a warm welcome and discussion about your healing journey and intentions. Cold filtered water is available. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful, universal (Rei) life force energy (Ki) healing that promotes relaxation, alleviating stress and anxiety through gentle touch.

As living beings we naturally obtain energy blocks, meaning that there can become obstruction of energy flow in our minds and body which can end as a result of health issues, financial & relationship troubles. As your Reiki Practitioner I primarily focus on releasing the energy blockages by shifting them resulting in relief, relaxation and improvement on health and wellbeing.

The treatments include:

You will start by laying comfortably on a treatment table faceup (or on your side if pregnant & preferred) and fully clothed. A light blanket will be offered as during the treatment you start to relax, slowing your heart rate down we can often start to feel a lot cooler. A guided meditation and sound healing using Koshi Chimes will then take place to allow your mind and body to begin it’s journey to ultimate relaxation becoming ready and accepting to receive the Reiki treatment. The Reiki healing begins with me placing my hands on or hovering over different areas of the body allowing the energy fields to support your health and vitality.

A guided meditation will commence again once the Reiki treatment is complete allowing you to feel grounded, in control, energized and awakened.