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Experience Valentine's Day Year Round With a Love Essential Oil Blend

Love is in the air in the Natural Aromas store! Today we're focusing on highlighting one of our most sweet and sensuous Essential Oil Blends, promoting love, lust and romance...oh my! It's one of our newest additions to the Natural Aromas family. It's our Love Pure Essential Oil BlendĀ šŸ˜

love essential oil blend

How can a Love Essential Oil Blend improve my lifestyle?

Well, not only can this little bottle of love help you in the romance department, but it can also help you nurture non-romantic love like love for your family and friends.

With a solid combination of pureĀ Lavender, Patchouli and Sweet Orange Essential Oils, this soft, sweet blend takes on properties of the individualĀ oils, but also comes together to create a completely new scent that breathes love into any environment.

Lavender Essential Oil is known for its calming, soothing, mood boosting capabilities. Patchouli is perfect for stimulating the release of hormones that help us feel happy and boost pleasure, working as an aphrodisiac. Sweet Orange Oil adds a refreshing and uplifting vibe to the mix.

What an amazing combination of scents to help us delve into our inner selves and realise the love we haveĀ for ourselves and others!

natural aromas love essential oil blend

What else can I do to help promote a loving lifestyle?

Get the most out of your Love Essential Oil Blend by pairing it with these lifestyle choices...

  • Include love relatedĀ affirmations in your daily routine
  • Read books about sexuality, sensuality and get to know your love language
  • Spend time doing things for the ones you love
  • Spend time doing things for you
  • Pick up a Peace Room Spray to complement your Love Essential Oil Blend

Next time you feel like your energy could do with a little loving boost, it's time to spread the love by heading across to the Natural Aromas online store and securing your very own bottle of aromatic 'amour'.

Sending much love!

Until next time,

šŸ’š Team Natural Aromas

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