Feel The Extraordinary Effects of the Lunar Cycle With a Full Moon Ess – Natural Aromas

Feel The Extraordinary Effects of the Lunar Cycle With a Full Moon Essential Oil Blend

With the waxing and waning of the moon throughout the full lunar cycle comes a vast array of different effects on our psyches. Our emotional journey might differ from person to person, but there are definitely phases where each of us could use a little helping hand to help ease strong emotional responses caused by the lunar cycle, like anxiety and negative energies in our lives. Let's learn about the lunar cycle and how a Full Moon Essential Oil can give us a boost to our temperament when we need it most.

How does the lunar cycle work?

New Moon

The new moon signals a fresh start and gives us a lift to our creativity and inspiration, making it the perfect time for goal and intention setting.

Waxing Crescent Moon

The waxing crescent is all about exploring self-trust, self-courage and moving forward, after setting goals and intentions throughout the new moon period.

First Quarter Moon

The first quarter focuses on confidence, whether that be a loss or gain, so it's important to be self-aware in this time and turn to Essential Oils that can help build confidence and promote extra energy if you find these are diminished.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

The waxing gibbous moon is the phase just before the full moon. This period serves as a reminder that we should keep moving forward and continue reaching towards the goals we set previously during the new moon phase.

lunar cycle

Full Moon

When the full moon arrives it brings high energy and heightened emotions, which means this is the perfect time to get stuck into (and finish) any outstanding tasks or projects and turn that energy into productivity. On the other hand, an excess of emotion and energy can result in anxiety and tension, so it's important to find an Essential Oil that can help soothe the various effects that the full moon carries with it. Our Natural Aromas Full Moon Pure Essential Oil Blend contains the perfect mix of natural oils (Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Bergamot) to help ease, but not entirely diminish, the energies brought on by the full moon phase.

Waning Gibbous Moon + Third Quarter Moon + Final Waning Crescent Moon

When the full moon phase ends, we encounter the waning gibbous moon that promotes acceptance, then the third quarter moon that encourages rebalancing and letting go of anything that's holding us back, and the final waning crescent moon that allows for time to relax and restore our energy before the new moon comes along with a fresh new cycle for us to begin.

How to prepare for the upcoming full moon

With the next full moon set to grace us with its presence on the 12th of August (here in Australia), now is the perfect time to prepare. You can start planning work or personal project deadlines to fall within the phase of the full moon, prepare for any rituals you wish to explore and stock up on items that will help you get through this often tumultuous and intense phase.

Our Full Moon Pure Essential Oil Blend is going to be your best friend throughout this period with its soothing, yet empowering aromas and carefully selected natural ingredients.

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All the best for the upcoming full moon!


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