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Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

In the world of essential oils, one oil is a king among the rest: Frankincense

The health benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil have been known and practiced within Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years. It is still one of the most leaned upon essential oils used in modern aromatherapy and other alternative health techniques today. So, let's take a trip to the mountainous regions of India, Africa and the Middle East where this wonder oil typically lives as we learn all there is to know about frankincense and its variety of health benefits.

What is frankincense?

Frankincense is sometimes known as olibanum. It is the resin of the Boswellia tree, dried and crafted into small, orange, stone-like objects. These little "resin stones" are then burned as incense, made into essential oils, steeped as a tea or added as ingredients to dietary supplements. 

Frankincense has a distinct sweet, woody aroma that, when inhaled, can assist in healing many aspects of the mind, body and soul all at once. You may even notice a slight waft of lemon that is super enticing.



What are the benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil?

I could go on all day and never get to the end of the list of benefits that Frankincense Essential Oil can offer. Honestly, if it played for the Aussie cricket team it would be an all-rounder: batter, bowler, fielder and wicket keeper all in one! It could probably pass as an umpire too, it's just that versatile.

Here are just a few of the amazing conditions that Frankincense Essential Oil can assist in alleviating:


How to use Frankincense Essential Oil?

As mentioned above, there are many different ways to harness the powers of frankincense. Some steep it as a tea, others take supplements that include it as an ingredient. Here at Natural Aromas, we put it to use in two ways:

Frankincense pure essential oil

Our Frankincense Pure Essential Oil is perfect for adding to a humidifier allowing the glorious healing aromas to fill your home, office or other environment. You can also add it to a necklace diffuser or a portable car diffuser to take with you wherever you go.

Frankincense essential oil blends

A few of our amazing essential oil blends contain a mix of frankincense plus other natural oils. Simply apply topically by rubbing into the skin, breathe deeply and feel the masterfully blended oils take hold of your senses to heal your mind, body and soul. Directions for usage of each specific blend are provided, so make sure you check the packaging before diving in.

So, are you convinced of the benefits of frankincense in its essential oil form? Why not pick up a pure essential oil or essential oil blend today and see just how amazing the healing properties of this essential oil are first hand?

To check out our extensive online range of essential oil products just head to our website.

If you have any questions at all about the products we have for sale, or where to start with finding the best essential oils for you, please get in touch with our team by emailing today.

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