Natural Aromas Top 5 Essential Oil Blends

Natural Aromas Top 5 Essential Oil Blends

Natural Aromas Top 5 Essential Oil Blends

We all know that essential oils and blends have an amazing aroma, but somewhere along the way we started losing our knowledge of the holistic health benefits that essential oils can provide to our mind, body and soul. Before modern medicine, we relied heavily on aromatherapy and natural remedies to fight common ailments. Nowadays, they’re not given the respect they deserve for the magic they can work upon the human body. I’ve put together our Natural Aromas top 5 essential oil blends in an effort to share information and educate those who may have forgotten the old ways of natural healing.

There are approximately 300 different essential oils used all around the world, resulting in a huge amount of essential oil blend possibilities. It’s very important to remember that pure essential oils contain hundreds of compounds and are super versatile. Blending too many oils together in the one batch can result in the end product reacting in a different way as to what was intended. This is why we blend only minimal combinations, made to holistically treat specific ailments. We’re all about quality over quantity here at Natural Aromas.

Personally, I’ve found that myself, my son and my partner have all benefited from various essential oil blends over the years in a variety of ways. These are my top 5 essential oil blends for regular use.

Essential Oil Focus Blend

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Trying to find the right balance between work life, family life and time for myself is super stressful at times. Trying to organise my brain and keep track of everything that’s going on at any given time can be overwhelming, causing my anxiety levels to flare up. This essential oil blend always helps to set my mind at ease and declutter all the bits and pieces floating about up there. After a few deep breaths of my Focus blend, I’m ready to face the day with clarity and confidence.

Essential Oil Woman’s Cycle Support Blend

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As a woman living in such a busy world, it’s hard to stop and take the time to make sure we’re doing ok, especially throughout a certain time of the month where things can seem a little more difficult. This blend is an absolute lifesaver in that respect! It’s helped me find a positive relationship with my cycle. The natural ingredients promote a healthy, regular cycle and can assist in easing pain, discomfort and all those other symptoms we find so inconvenient when we’ve got so much to do!

Essential Oil Sleepy Baby Blend

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I am so very lucky to have a wonderful son who has settled into a consistent night-time routine since he was a baby. During the day we tend to be quite lenient with his routine, but as soon as 5pm hits, we always ensure that he understands when it’s getting close to bedtime.

On the odd occasion that he is unsettled, for whatever reason, we apply a small amount of the Sleepy Baby essential oil blend which helps him to sleep deeply all night.

If your baby won’t go to sleep at night, give this blend a go. It’s definitely worth a shot to see if it has the same effect on your child as it did on mine.

Essential Oil Immune Support Blend

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With everything going on surrounding COVID-19 and now coming into Winter, strengthening our immunity on a large scale is so very important. The Immune Support essential oil blend is made up of a combination of essential oils intended to increase lymph and blood circulation, which are crucial to achieving a healthy immune system.

Essential Oil Healthy Baby Blend

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This Healthy Baby essential oil blend works in a similar way to the Immune Support blend, only it’s tailored to suit the safety of our little ones. It’s important to note that when blending essential oils, you must be very careful in ensuring the accuracy of the essential oil ratios, dilutions, and their ratios, especially when creating blends for your child.

That’s it for our list of Natural Aromas top 5 essential oil blends! What are your thoughts on the blends mentioned above? Have you tried any of them, if so, would you recommend them to a friend? Let us know in the comments.

Now, I’m going to finish this article off with a few essential oil usage tips:

It’s a good idea to swap out your essential oils every other day so your body doesn’t build up a resistance to a particular blend. Don’t rely on the same essential oil for everything; take advantage of the different health benefits each natural ingredient provides. They may smell nice, but it’s important to use each essential oil blend for its intended purpose.

To check out our extensive online range of essential oil blends, DIY essential oil products and essential oil accessories just head to the Natural Aromas website and browse the essential oil collections.

If you have any questions at all about the products we have for sale, or where to start with finding the best essential oils for you, please get in touch with our team by emailing today.

Kareena x

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