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5 Super Interesting Facts About Essential Oils

The wonderful world of Essential Oils is full of surprises. I've been researching and working with Essential Oils for a long time now and every so often I still come across fun facts that blow my mind when it comes to the scented delights we all know and love. So, here are a few of my favourite interesting facts about Essential Oils that I've found along the way. Enjoy!

5. Essential Oils were used in ancient times!

Speculation is still out on the very first time Essential Oils were used, but we do know that they existed within many ancient civilisations thousand of years ago. The Ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Ancient Chinese Empires and many other cultures used Essentials Oils in their own unique ways.

4. Over 400 species of plants are commonly cultivated for their Essential Oils!

Essentials Oils appear in most (if not all) plants and the different parts that make them up like the stems, roots, leaves and bark. It just depends on the type of plant and the part of the plant as to how much Essential Oil is present. Plants like lavender, eucalyptus and ylang ylang are some of the most popular when it comes to making pure Essential Oils and blends.

interesting facts about essential oils lavender oil

3. Essential Oils are made using different processes!

There are a few different ways to make Essential Oils. The two most popular ways are steam distillation and expression. Steam distillation is the process of distilling the plants to extract their essence. Expression is the process of compressing the plants to extract their essence.

2. Essential Oils are a valuable holistic healing resource!

When it comes to holistic remedies, Essential Oils are certainly an amazing addition to a natural healing toolkit. They have been known to provide relief from a range of ailments like hayfever, headache, nausea and much, much more.

1. Vick's Vaporub contains Essential Oils!

One of the world's most trusted chest rubs is full of the natural goodness of Essential Oils. Eucalyptus, nutmeg, cedarleaf and a range of other oils are mixed into petroleum jelly to provide relief to blocked noses and chesty coughs.

I could go on all day about interesting Essential Oil facts but I'll leave some for another day.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and keep breathing in your Natural Aromas!

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