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Best Essential Oils To Strengthen & Support Your Immune System

It's so important to do everything we can to boost our immunity, especially around this time of year. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can only get sick in winter, but any time you're dealing with a change of season and change in temperature poses risks of our bodies facing unbalance and sickness. Of course, paying attention to our hygiene is absolutely key to our health and wellness, but a little extra protection from the right Essential Oils can help join the fight to support our immune system.

Which Essential Oils Can Help Support Immunity?

Some of the best essential oils to strengthen and support your immune system include...

You can pop a few drops of any of the 100% Pure Essential Oils from our range into a diffuser to have them circulate throughout your home, cleansing the air, helping to fight coughs and congestion and filling your space with immune boosting properties (not to mention, they all smell AMAZING!).

You can also find all of these oils throughout our range of Natural Aromas immune support Essential Oil Blends for the whole family...

Immune Support Essential Oil 15ml Roller Blend

natural aromas immune support blend
When it comes to all round immunity support, this aromatic oil is your new best friend. The combination of Eucalyptus, Lemon, Clove and Rosemary oils isn't just great for clearing and cleansing, it has a deeply invigorating scent. Massage into shoulders, chest or behind the ears for an all day immunity boosting aroma.

Man Flu Men's Essential Oil 15ml Roller Blend

Every man's (and woman's) worst nightmare is the dreaded man flu! This punchy oil knocks man flu right out the park with its Orange Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil combo. Its deep, woody scent is perfect for every mister. Massage into shoulders or onto the chest and breathe in deep.

Kids Immune Support Essential Oil 15ml Roller Blend

This Essential Oil Blend mixes one of the most versatile oils, Frankincense, with a simple dash of Lemon Essential Oil to make a gentle yet powerful immune support guardian for your little ones. Take a little bit of the oil, roll it onto the bottom of your child's feet or into their chest and tell them to take a nice deep breath, inhaling the aromas.

Sniffly Baby Essential Oil 15ml Roller Blend

Your baby deserves the absolute best and this Essential Oil Blend is an absolute angel when it comes to supporting bubs immunity (trust me, I use it on my little one allllll the time). Just roll a little onto the bottom of your baby's feet and massage in slowly while the healing aromas work their magic.

With Natural Aromas on your side, the whole family can feel peace of mind that Essential Oils are there to help protect them from the frustration and exhaustion of colds, flus and sickness.

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