Introducing Natural Aromas Men's Essential Oil Blends

Introducing Natural Aromas Men's Essential Oil Blends

Introducing Natural Aromas Men's Essential Oil Blends

I am super excited to be able to introduce to you all the Natural Aromas range of Men's Essential Oil Blends! They've been a long time coming and we've had so many people asking when they will be in stock. Well...the time has come! They're here and they're ready to help all the amazing men out there live their best and fullest lives. All of these amazing Essential Oil Blends are now available in the Natural Aromas online store! Without further ado, here are the Natural Aromas Men's Essential Oil Blends...

Energy Men's Essential Oil Roller Blend

Light tones of orange and peppermint mingle to create an invigorating aroma in our Men's Energy Essential Oil Blend. Lemon and frankincense join the party, bringing a zesty and woody scent inspired by nature.

The Men's Energy blend is perfect for the man with a busy schedule who doesn't like relying on sugary energy drinks to get through the day. Dabbing a little behind the ears or on the wrists when you know you've got a massive day ahead of you can help give you a much needed boost. Work hard and play hard with this invigorating blend.

Snore No More Men's Essential Oil Roller Blend


In our Men's Snore No More Blend, we combine soothing lavender to calm and ready you for sleep with eucalyptus that works to unblock airways and help you to breathe easy through the night.

Cedarwood and frankincense are added to provide an earthy, woody scent and balance out some of the sweeter tones of clary sage and geranium.

Just pop a bit behind your ears or rub a little onto your chest before you fall asleep. Your whole family will thank you for it. Trust me.

De-Stress Men's Essential Oil Roller Blend

It's safe to say that our Men's De-Stress Roller Blend is a fantastic relaxation tool after a long, hard day on the job. Whether you're in the office, meeting with clients, on the work site or out and about for other reasons, this little bottle of goodness is going to be an absolute saviour when you feel the pressure start to kick in. 

Lavender and clary sage work together to calm your heightened emotions and bring you back to your centre. Bergamot and cedarwood provide a magnificent scent that's strong, earthy, woodsy and slightly sweet all in one.

Simply dab a little on your wrists or behind your ears whenever you feel overwhelmed to avoid headaches and other conditions brought on by stress and anxiety.

Man Flu Men's Essential Oil Roller Blend

We couldn't very well put together a men's essential oil range without including one that fights the dreaded man flu, could we?

Our Men's Man Flu Essential Oil Blend has been expertly crafted to fight colds, flus and viruses. Yes, yes - we all know that Man Flu isn't just any old virus. It's obviously much worse and requires a lot more love and attention to fight it off. 

That's why we've chosen only the very best essential oils to get the job done. Healing scents of orange, cedarwood and ylang ylang team up to create the perfect man-flu fighting team up!

You'll be back on your feet in no time at all.

Masculine Men's Essential Oil Roller Blend

Our Masculine Blend certainly is one of a kind. You know those days where you don't quite feel up to the task of going to work, getting the kids organised for school, talking to your boss about the promotion you've been wanting for a while now - the things that need you in tip top shape, confident and ready to take on the world?

This blend provides that little boost you need sometimes in order to feel your happy, healthy, manly self!

Cedarwood and frankincense work in tandem to provide a woody, masculine aroma, helping bring forth long lost confidence. Lavender comes in to balance out the strong scents to add a calming essence, helping you find your masculine centre.

These oils are all masterfully blended with our Fractionated Coconut Oil that's smooth, soothing and carries the aromas perfectly. You can find every oil mentioned here in our online store now!

What are you waiting for? Dive on in and pick up some of these awesome blends today.

Kareena x 

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