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What Does It Mean To Live A Herbal Lifestyle?

What Does It Mean To Live A Herbal Lifestyle?

Living a herbal lifestyle is such a broad spectrum that it really doesn't have a set definition. There are people who choose to live a herbal lifestyle by incorporating small bits and pieces of herbs and natural remedies into their lives, while others choose to dive in headfirst and structure their lives around their love of herbs and holistic choices. Today we're going to talk about a few things that make up what it means to live a herbal lifestyle and they might surprise you.

Using herbs and natural substances as remedies

There are many different ways to incorporate herbs and other natural substances into your lifestyle to treat certain ailments and illnesses. For example, aromatherapy with Essential Oils is one. Using balms and ointments made from helpful plants and plant by products is another. Some herbalists may even take plant-based and other naturally acquired healing substances orally, however this should only be done after thorough research has been conducted and should not be done with Essential Oils, pure or blends.

Ailments such as asthma, fatigue, headache, insomnia, depression, anxiety, PMS, menopause and many more have all been known to have lessened with the proper use of herbal remedies.

Using herbs and natural substances in cooking

Now, this one is a given, really. I don't think there's a single person alive who hasn't used herbs in their cooking before. Lavender, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon...the list goes on. You may not call yourself a herbalist but you can live a herbal lifestyle simply by choosing to include these natural ingredients (with health benefits and healing properties) in your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even your desserts! Oh, and tea is literally herbs that have been dried out and popped into hot water to infuse all the aromas and goodness. Think about that next time you pop the kettle on.

Informing people of the benefits of incorporating herbs into their lifestyle

This one relates to the people who have educated themselves on the benefits of using herbs for healing and they choose to share that knowledge with other people. This might be through blogging or working for a business in the homeopathic, holistic and/or herbal industries. It may even mean starting your own business based around herbs and natural products.

Using herbs in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle

This is a big one and is pretty crucial to maintaining and living a healthy, holistic lifestyle for yourself and your family. When I talk about a healthy lifestyle, I don't mean going to the gym every day and keeping to a strict diet. I mean keeping yourself active to an extent, eating the right foods to nourish your body (with the occasional chocolate or fast food splurge) and listening to your body when it tells you you're doing the right thing, or the wrong thing. Adding a mix of herbal remedies to this kind of lifestyle is a wonderful thing and you will likely see an improvement in your physical health, your mental health and your entire outlook if you do so.


As we can see, living a herbal lifestyle can come in many forms. The ones mentioned above are just a few ways to incorporate the wonderful healing powers of herbs into your life - please feel free to share any more you know of in the comments!

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Until next time, keep safe and well!

Kareena x

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